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LoansMumbai will help you tap the potential of your residential or commercial property in generating cash flow into your life. We are one of the most preferred financing aggregator that helps both individuals and businesses obtain the best LAP or Loan Against Property. We serve the entire Mumbai, Navi Mumbai area. If you are in search of mortgage loan in Mumbai or loan against property in Thane, you are in the right place. We will be happy to assist you in finding the cheapest mortgage loan against commercial property or mortgage loan against residential property.

One of the most daunting factors for customers looking for loan against property in Mumbai is the paperwork involved. However, when you approach us, you need not have to worry. We will provide you with all the paperwork help you need. Our experienced team will ensure that you get your mortgage loan approved in the shortest time possible. If you have been apprehensive about the complex procedures involved in applying for your LAP in Mumbai just give us a call.

This is a secured loan, which leverages the cash potential of your property. If you have a residential or commercial property owned by you as an individual or as a firm then you could use your property as collateral for your loan. When you get a LAP in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane, your financing institution will get conditional ownership of your property during the loan tenure. In the event that the borrower fails to pay back the loan, the financing company will use the collateral property to salvage the dues pending from you.

"LaonsMumbai provides you with excellent customer care service"

LoansMumbai has provided me with excellent services, when it came to solving my every single query. Their 24*7 customer service agents gave me a helpful hand in building a flourishing online business with utmost ease. My online business could be a grand success only cause of LoansMumbai best Loan experts.

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  • When compared to other loans mortgage loans or loan against property promises you lower rate of interest.

  • Easy repayment options.

  • Property Mortgage with draft facility.

  • Leverages the potential of your property in driving cash flow for both personal and business use.

  • Both self-employed individuals and salaried individuals could use this type of loan.

  • Salaried individuals

  • Professionals and business individuals with stable income and profitable business

  • Partnership or Private Ltd. Company.

  • You should have the property title / document in your name to apply for loan in your documents. The property should be free from all types of encumbrances. To know whether you will be able to apply for a loan against property get in touch with us. We will review your property documents, get quotes from multiple banks and help you with the sourcing process. You will be able to save a lot of money not only in terms of the loan interest but also in terms of other charges such as processing fee, closing charges etc. You can confidently approach us with your LAP needs as we have a highly experienced team to help you. We make the whole process simple, fast and easy. Fill the online form or give us a call for hassle free loans against your property.

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